School Administrator

School Administrator

Welcome to Karis School. Here is a glimpse of who we are and what we stand for.To achieve our mission of providing the best education to all our pupils, we have designed our curriculum in such a way that they are raised to be knowledgeable and confident children who are mentally, morally and physically sound. Our daily activities are rooted in strong values such as confidence, humility, accuracy, passion, integrity and excellence.

Karis School is a nurturing community. Whenever they are in the midst of their peers, our children, both present and past, always stand out. Karis children are encouraged to find their own strengths and talents and in turn, we train them to develop those strengths and talents. Learning in Karis School is active. There is a one-on-one contact with each child in the classroom. Our pupils are motivated and encouraged to know that success lies in each of them and comes as result of their own participation.

Our teachers are well trained, highly motivated personnel who are passionate about what they do and they are well equipped with modern teaching techniques. They don’t just teach the curriculum and skills. They teach values and qualities that our nation and of course the world needs. These values and qualities will set our pupils apart in the future as they become leaders in their various disciplines.

When it comes to modern technological equipment and learning processes, we rank very high. Our facilities which are well applied by our expert team makes Karis what it is and consequently, it is what makes us stand out among other schools. For the best education for your child, Karis is the right place to be. I look forward to welcoming you to Karis School soon!

Grade school
Through our Primary School, we introduce children to the excitement and challenges of independent learning. We do this by utilizing and stimulating all the nine intelligences. Every concept is taught using audio-visual aids to make learning more exciting. From First Grade, children are still ‘learning to read’, but from Third Grade onwards, they start ‘reading to learn’. As they understand ideas, ask questions and work out answers independently, children improve skills like reading, writing, researching, reasoning and communicating. In the process, they develop both strong academic skills and a lasting self-confidence.

Mathematics (Numeracy)

This is the foundation of sharp numerical reasoning skills. Pupils learn how to do;
• Basic arithmetic – Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing
• Pre-Algebra – Fractions, Prime Numbers, Factoring and Variables
• Geometry – Shapes, Angles and Solids
• Problem solving
• Quantitative reasoning.

English (Literacy)

The development of verbal reasoning skills is done through teaching;
• Basic grammar
• Sentence construction
• Parts of speech
• Spelling
• Reading, writing, listening and speaking
• Phonics

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Pupils will be exposed to the following learning points;
• The importance of computers
• The nature of the computing system
• Introduction to data
• Using technology/ the internet
• Basic typing


An important area of study where pupils learn about;
• Living and non-living things
• Matter
• Plant system
• Human system
• Magnets
• Energy
Non Core Subjects

General Knowledge

Social Studies

  • Definition, nature and scope of social studies
  • Culture and norms
  • Cultures around the world
  • Groups and institutions
  • Power and authority

History and Geography

• The early people and ancient stories
• The creation of Nigeria
• Our independence
• Continents and countries of the world
• The environment; natural and human

Civics Education

Every child is pushed towards becoming a responsible citizen. This is what they will learn;

  • Nurturing good values
  • Morals
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Integrity

Christian Religious Knowledge

We want our children to have a solid root when it comes to religion. They will learn about;
• The creation of the world
• Noah’s Ark and the call of Abraham
• The exodus from Egypt
• David and Goliath
• The birth and miracles of Jesus
• The death and resurrection of Jesus

Foreign Languages

The world is a now a global village. Your child should be taught how to speak more than one language

French and Spanish
• Sentence construction
• Translation – common objects and everyday words
• Essay writing and reading exercises


Pupils will have an understanding of the following to become musical geniuses;
• History of music
• Musial notes and scales
• Composing
• Listening and responding
• Classification and types of musical instruments

Physical Education

The physical abilities of pupils are nurtured through physical education where they will learn about:
• Introduction to different kinds of sports
• Athletics
• Gymnastics
• Health
• Safety and First Aid

Indigenous Language (Yoruba)

  • The Yoruba Alphabets
  • Days and months in Yoruba
  • Translation
  • Listening, writing and reading


Creativity is an essential part of a child’s development. They will express their creativity through art by learning the following;
• Drawing
• Painting and colouring
• Use of clay
• Fabric and fibre.
• Paper Marché
Moving a child from their first learning steps to becoming independent learners is one of our specialties.