School Council

At Karis, we believe in nurturing the innate leadership skills of our pupils and growing a sense of responsibility within them. We want them to have a chance to experience leadership, which builds their confidence and self-esteem. This is why we have created a School Council where pupils are chosen based on merit. Here are the available roles within our School Council:

Head Boy and Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are at the pinnacle of our School Council. We call them the leader of the pack as the figure head of the student body as a whole, representing the core values of Karis both within and outside the school.

Social prefect and Assistant

We want our pupils to be well rounded and being social is essential to achieving this. This is where our Social prefect and Assistant Social Prefect come in. They’ll help us create that balance between academics and socials.

Punctuality prefect and Assistant

Punctuality is a key value we instil into our pupils. The Punctuality Prefect and Assistant will help pupils to properly imbibe the value of punctuality since time waits for no one.

Sports prefect and Assistant

Our Sports Prefect is the go to person when it comes to sports. Needless to say, this will be someone with a flair for sports and outdoor activities.

Library prefect and Assistant

With our library prefect, it’s all about the books. We want our students to learn in conducive environments and have the best resources at their disposal. The library prefect will lend a voice to this goal.